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5x+6 = 26
5x = 20 (subtracting 6 from both sides)
x = 4 (dividing both sides by 5)

Check: 5x4 + 6 = 20 + 6 = 26 which is correct.
To hear this example click play!

Voki allows you to create speaking avatars and use them on websites and in email messages.
This is popular with many MFL teachers.

Note that using a Wiki such as this one provides an excellent way for a class to upload a series of Vokis as they can be embedded easily on a wiki page.

The National Centre for languages has provided two tutorials, one on creating your avatar, the second on recording a voki.

Embed a Voki

To embed a voki on a wiki page:

Log in to the Voki site and select the voki you wish to embed.
voki1.JPG voki2.JPG
Select 'Other' from the dropdown list in line 1 (Embed in:)
Choose the size you require.
Then select 'Get Code'.

Copy the code generated.

Go the wiki page where you wish to embed the voki and select edit.
Choose widget.
Select 'Other HTML' from the end of the left hand column.
Paste the embed code you copied from the Voki site into the box provided and select Save.
You should then see a small grey box with the text 'Other Widget' as illustrated below.
Now Save your Wiki page.